BasinInspection IDAssetAsset NameApprox Chainage(Km)Inspection DateDivisionSub DivisionSectionCheckListBefore EvalBefore RemarksBefore StatusBefore Inspection PhotoBefore Distance(m) and StatusTypeSchemeMid RemarksMid StatusIntermediate PhotoConstructionRemedial RemarksAfter EvalAfter StatusAfter Distance(m) and StatusAfter Inspection PhotoAfter Remarks
GandakS000000006EmbankmentPipra Piprasi Embankment16.5025/08/2022E.E,Flood Control Division 2,PadaraunaA.E,Subdivision III (Flood Control Division 2, Padarauna)Section IDistance of river from toe M At km 16.5 of PPE, presently distance of river from embankment toe 255m, river has tendency to comes near embankment in future Submit m Not Available Moonsoon Period         m Not Available